Friday, 1 January 2010

Next Stage; Strike مرحله بعد از اعتراض ؛ اعتصاب گسترده

30 years ago, it was the strike initiated by the university students and its spread across Tehran Bazar and other cities and oil workers brought down the Shah’s regime. Today the 3rd and 2n generation of Iranians is reading from the revolutionary books of the 1st generation.

Thus last week many Twitters in Iran spoke about the possibility of widespread strike to bring down the regime, and They noted “it is clear that people from all class are ready for strike, this would force the military to join us, we should not wait for the regime’s next step, we have to be proactive.”

Today Amir Kabir university News in Iran reports; in reaction to the atrocities done to the people on Aushura’s day and students crackdown on universities across Iran, some of the students at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University have decided to not go to their exams and class and go on strike. The announcement noted “we have witnessed the violation of human rights on Aushura’s day by these bastards, they are not afraid of killing and raping people and wrongfully accusing people.” In the end the students noted “we the student of Amir Kabir University are uncertain on how in the midst of these shameful events we could attend our classes and take our exams, thus we are reluctant to not go to our class and take our exams until all of our classmate be freed.” In addition according to opposition site kaleme in addition to Amir Kabir University, Science and Industry(Elmo-sanat) University have also expressed their support for strike.

If this growing discontent and strike would continue to grow across different demographic of Iranians, we may witness the toppling of the Islamic regime very soon and possibly in the next couple months especially with the possibly of a stronger leadership emerging from the protesters themselves instead of the virtually ineffective leadership of Mousavi and his current believes to reform within the context of regime.

Possibility of a Terrorist Attack in Iran by the Regime to Blame on Opposition

Many bloggers and Twitters in Iran including khashm and friendfeed are speaking out about the possibility of a terrorist attack by the regime to blame on the opposition in Iran. khashm notes “this is a strategy that the radicals and intelligence agency of the Islamic republic have used before, such as the bombing at the Imam Reza shrine and the Cinema Rex Abadan(before the revolution to blame it on Shah) they want to achieve political gains by killing civilians.”

New Years' Resoloution; Iranian Green Revolution

After 30 years of dictatorship, Islamic republic is now more weak than ever before domestically and internationally, thanks to Iranian numerous religious and national calendar events promoted initially by the regime to rally its supporters in the street. But the very same events are now been used by the opposition. The most recent one was Aushura , in an unprecedented move where for the first time after more than a 1000 year people were shouting against their dictator rulers instead of commemorating the religious event. While this suggests that Iranians are becoming increasingly secular, but in recent protests there were no chanting against the religion ideologies , although the regime on Iranians state TV video propaganda would want to present the opposition as anti-religious to anger the lower class conservatives and stop the Green Movement’ growing support among different Iranian demographic. This is a positive development and necessary for democracy and it shows green movement’s secular demand for Iran’s future political system and its societal tolerance for all the religions in Iran. There is no doubt year 2010 would be an important year for all of us and there is no doubt Iranian regime's nuclear threat will be diminished with the fruitfulness of Neda and Sohrab and thousand of Iranian freedom fighters who stood firmly against the Tyrants in Tehran and do not want nuclear bomb as the protesters shouted during their rally . It is just the matter of time and possibly months before we hear the headline on 2010 “Islamic Republic has collapsed.”